Waterbased Sealant for Concrete Statues

8 oz container of Concrete Statuary Sealer.  Waterbased, exterior concrete sealer.  Apply two light coats with brush on clean statue.  Allow drying time between those two coats.  Do not seal the bottom of the statue.  SVJ Creative Designs is only able to ship this sealer when the weather is at a warm enough temperature which is usually between April and October here in Minnesota. 

The concrete sealer is $12.95 and shipping is $13.95 for a total of $26.90.  There is no sales tax charged if we ship outside the state of Minnesota.  However, if you have it shipped to somewhere in Minnesota we will have to charge our current sales tax of 6.875% and that will be changing to  sales tax of 7.37%, effective April 1, 2016.  

If you purchase painted statuary from us, it has already been sealed.  If you have the statue placed in the direct sun, we recommend that you seal it once a year.  If it is in the shade, you can possibly go three years.  A good way to test this is to spray it with water gently and allow to dry.  If it still looks glossy, let it go for another season and recheck.  If the finish looks dull or faded, definitely it needs to be sealed.  Once again never seal the underneath of a statue.  Concrete needs to breath and by sealing the entire piece, that would smother the concrete and that is when you get some peeling of the paint.  Also, always place concrete statuary on rocks, patio blocks, poured concrete or something similar.  Never place directly on the grass or dirt.  If you use wood chips, place a brick or a piece of flat broken concrete underneath the statue and then disguise that by placing wood chips around the statue base.  

Please phone us directly at 507-767-3039 if you would like to order now (if weather is nice) or be put on the list to ship once spring weather hits.  Just depends what time of year you are calling us.  Do not use with oil based paints.

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