Oriental Lantern Concrete Statues

Please scroll down to see all the concrete Oriental Lantern statues we carry.  Please note that there may be more than one page of statues.  In the upper right you will see an empty box.  For example, it may say, 1 of 9 items per page showing, but there might be 12 items total. In that case, put the number of items you would like to see on the page.  That way you will see all we offer and not have to click, the Next Page.


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Items: 19 of 15, per page
SKU Product name   Price
ORI-21 Small Swirl Hex Lantern
  • $88.13
ORI-22 Small Swirl Round Finial Lantern
  • $109.95
ORI-30 Bulge Fancy Lantern
  • $123.95
ORI-31 Bulge Hex Lantern
  • $109.95
ORI-32 Bulge Round Finial Lantern
  • $93.95
ORI-40 Short Leg Fancy Lantern
  • $107.95
ORI-41 Short Leg Hex Lantern
  • $93.95
ORI-42 Short Leg Round Finial Lantern
  • $100.95
VC-4502-Mb Rinki Lantern Middle
  • $0.00
Items: 19 of 15, per page