Statue Painting & Care by SVJ Creative Designs

Maintenance for concrete statues from SVJ Creative Designs

  • Only paint a statue if it has sat at least three weeks after coming out of a mold
  • Wash the concrete piece with clear water using a garden hose with nozzle sprayer. Do not add soap. Air dry.
  • Use air hose to remove additional dust or flakiness.
  • Lay concrete item on a turntable for ease.
  • Put base coat of flat exterior latex concrete stain or paint diluted down 20% on the statue’s underneath first, allow to dry, then stand piece upright and finish. We spray our basecoat on with airless sprayer. If hand painting, apply two lighter basecoats. We use black, white, and brown from Diamond Vogel, Sherwin Williams for base coats. Only paint in well ventilated area.
  • Apply finishing top coats (detailing) lightly too. We use Smith Paints for airbrushing. If hand painting, ask your local paint store what they recommend. We use all latex products for ease in cleanup. Deco Art exterior concrete paints at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s craft stores will work fine.
  • Dry for 24 hours. Seal with exterior latex NONYELLOWING concrete sealer to keep colors bright and repel moisture. Leave bottom unsealed so it can breathe. Do not seal when rain is forecast. We use SPECCO Envirocure sealer. Other sealers exist but read the label for compatibility
  • Dry for 24 hours and place on well drained surface (pebbles, spaced patio blocks, river rock, silo staves, etc) rather than directly on the ground. This will prevent the concrete from soaking up moisture which causes of peeling paint and crumbling concrete. Do not place directly on mulch or dirt. Place on concrete stone with mulch overtop to disguise. Heavier items like a cow need 6-8” of a rock base. Statues settle over time & items with legs tend to get natural stress cracks.
  • Reseal brightly painted concrete each year & every 2-3 years for other painted ones.
  • *Since we have no control over where these lawn ornaments are placed, we offer no guarantee to the finish or item against peeling and cracking once it leaves here. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Winter Care

A special note on birdbaths and fountains: Do not let water or snow accumulate as your bowl may freeze & crack. Cover concrete that holds water but DO NOT make it air tight. Tip the bowls over, bring inside, or cover with a board. Drain fountain pumps. Make sure all otherc concrete has been sealed and enjoy from your window.


  • Follow steps above. Once item is base coated and dried, proceed here.
  • Example of Black & White Drybrushing:
  • Item is base coated flat black & air dried. Then dip tip of paint brush into exterior latex white paint or thick concrete stain. Blot on paper towel or lint free cloth several times. Lightly stroke back and forth the remaining paint in a consistent manner on the raised concrete surfaces. Keep doing this until desired look is achieved. Let dry.
  • Seal with exterior latex concrete sealer after 24 hours.
  • Follow remaining steps above for statue placement.


  • Practice on small pieces before attempting large
  • Wash concrete with clear water. Garden hose with nozzle is ideal.
  • Once dry, seal with clear exterior sealer such as SPECCO Envirocure. Air dry.
  • Have warm water in buckets ready as well as lint free cloths such as old t-shirt.
  • Paint on black exterior latex concrete paint or stain. Leave on 5-10 seconds. Using a ringed out damp cloth, begin wiping the color away. Take dry cloth and wipe again.
  • If color is too light for your taste, reapply and leave on just a tad bit longer and once again wipe in manner suggested.
  • Seal with exterior latex concrete sealer after 24 hours.
  • NOTE: You can also base coat your item a lighter color such as white, tan, etc. following the basic painting steps, then apply a sealer, air dry, and then use the antiquing steps with black, brown, or even blue paint/stain.
    Follow remaining steps above for statue placement.


  • Follow basic painting preparation steps to base coating. We base coat items white that we are going to airbrush detail on. We basecoat brown tones for deer before airbrushing.
  • Airbrushing is an acquired art and you will need an air compressor and airbrush.
  • We use Smith Paints 1-800-466-8781
  • We use a H-5 airbrush from Paasche 1-773-867-9191
  • Airbrushing achieves a more feather and blended appearance. Practice using those companies included instructions. For all airbrushing please use a mask.


  • Follow basic painting preparation steps to base coating. We base coat items white that we are going to be detailing.
  • Example: If painting an angel or people type statue, have photos or an image in mind of how you want it to look. Prepare ahead of time by having all the colors and brushes within reach. Apply the detailing touches with lighter coverage hand painting or airbrushing, whichever you prefer. Allow ample drying time.
  • Seal with exterior latex concrete sealer after 24 hours.
  • Follow remaining steps above for statue placement

We sell SPECCO’s Envirocure exterior non yellowing concrete sealer at SVJ Creative Designs in 8 ounce jars which is enough to do a large 3 pc deer set.